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Michelle & Russell Hewitt

Wow - what an experience!! In the last year I have had to deal with a few real estate agents and over this time I have got to see how differently they work and how valuable it is to get the right person. I just wanted to highlight an amazing agent and to say a huge thank you to Sandra Power and her team for recently selling two of our rental houses in Tauranga. A huge thank you for working so hard. Firstly you always made our tenants and us feel like you had our best interests at heart. This totally impressed us and we both felt happy dealing with you. You did an amazing job in such a short time considering the different hurdles we had. Nothing was beyond you, whether it was giving us sound advice during negotiations or just mucking in and doing what had to be done for photos and open homes. Sandra even went so far as washing one of our tenants dishes and re-styling their furniture to make the most of the property photos. Nothing was ever an issue. We trust Real Estate Agents with our most valuable assets, placing our hopes and dreams in their hands, yet do we do enough research to make sure we get the right ones? If you are looking for professional, hard-working agents and really want to get someone working for you then I can truly recommend Sandra and her team. They get it done.