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Natalie and Chris Ryan

It was Sandra personally that we invested in initially because we liked her approach and attitude and I’m tired of the big companies. To be honest, even before the appraisal, they were one step ahead of the big guys simply because they offered a fresh approach. 

Jan Wilson was an unexpected bonus to the campaign. When Sandra suggested she also come on the listing we were surprised but open to it. In the end Jan exceeded our expectations by a very wide margin. Natalie and I were extremely impressed with her determination and work ethic. 

Powers have created a very solid and constantly improving foundation. They are definitely at the forefront of their industry. The quality of marketing was on point and feedback was to a high standard. Over the course of the campaign, they brought us 5 offers and had a huge number of buyers through our home. 

We are very happy with the result we achieved and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Powers and Jan Wilson to others looking to sell.