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Toni Labone

We would be very happy to give Dee our highest recommendation for anyone desiring to sell their property or buy one.  We cant say enough about Dee's professionalism, true caring nature, and extensive knowledge/connections, she brings all of these qualities to the table for her clients.   Her friendly disposition coupled with a strong moral compass are attributes we admire and this is what sets her apart from other Agents.

We honestly do not know what we would have done without Dee's guidance, experience and support during the process of selling our home and the purchase of our dream home.  She kept in constant contact with us the entire time, she took care of us through any issues that came up and we both constantly say if it weren't for Dee we don't believe we would have pulled off a sale and purchase within days of each other.

Our family will be forever grateful to Dee for making our dream become reality. 

Many thanks.